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Bullion Direct, Inc. is a registered corporation in the United States of America, based in Austin (Texas). It offers precious metal bullion coins and bars out of gold, silver, platinum, palladium and copper as well as an assortment of supplies. For many products, investors have 2 different buying options. Besides buying products directly from the Bullion Direct catalog, investors could also trade on the Nucleo Exchange, which is a real-time order exchange platform that matches 3rd party sellers and buyers. Bullion Direct operates as a hub between these 3rd party sellers and buyers and facilitates the entire transaction and distribution process. Precious metals purchased on the Bullion Direct website, regardless whether from the catalog or on the Nucleo Exchange, can be accumulated fee-free in the investor's online Bullion Direct portfolio. The investor can request physical delivery at any time. Bullion Direct also offers secure storage at US and offshore depositories in partnerships with professional storage providers.


Bullion Direct doesn't charge any commissions, service charges or other fees when ordering from the online product catalog. Customers just pay the listed product prices plus shipping & handling charges. Investors can also choose to accumulate their purchases fee-free in their Bullion Direct portfolio and request physical delivery at a later time of their convenience.

Other than for catalog orders, Bullion Direct charges a commission of 1% for trades made on the Nucleo Exchange.

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Orders can be placed online 24/7 and no other ways of ordering are accepted. Bullion Direct limits its services to the United States, so international orders are not accepted for now. There are no minimum or maximum order amounts but first-time buyers are limited to US$ 25.000 with their first order.

Unconfirmed orders from the catalog as well as unexecuted orders from the Nucleo Exchange can still be canceled. After orders have been confirmed/executed, they cannot be canceled anymore. However, they could be "offset" in the market, but market loss and/or administrative fees will be charged to the investor's account then.


The gold dealer Bullion Direct accepts payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover) for catalog orders up to US$ 3.500 per customer per 30 days. Larger investment orders as well as orders on the Nucleo Exchange have to be paid by personal check, money order, cashier's check or bank wire (minimum of US$ 5.000).


Bullion Direct currently only ships to addresses within the United States (including P.O. boxes when shipped by USPS). Customers can estimate actual shipping & handling costs for various payment and shipping options by clicking on "Estimate" in their shopping cart. Orders will be sent out by USPS Registered Mail, USPS Signature Confirmation Mail or UPS/ FedEx with the "signature required" option. All shipments are securely and discreetly packaged and fully insured by Lloyd's of London.

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