Buy-Gold.Link's Mission and Purpose

Thank you for your interest in Buy-Gold.Link. You can contact us at any time by visiting our Facebook page and sending us a private message from it. That's what you should do if you are an online dealer of precious metals and want to be listed on our site. We also recommend all dealers to join in order to find new sales leads. We do not list our email address on our site as a way to avoid spam. However, after you contact us via private message on Facebook, we can communicate our email address to you.

Just like we state in the footer of each of our pages, Buy-Gold.Link's purpose is to help YOU to buy gold coins and gold bars as well as silver, platinum and palladium products for the lowest price from respected dealers online. Buy-Gold.Link is NOT a dealer. We do not buy gold or other precious metals from individuals or companies and neither do we sell anything by ourselves. What we do is to provide information about precious metal investing. Our main page sections are meant to inform you about precious metal bullion products and respectable online dealers. Most of our product pages include a price comparison table that allows you to compare the current price of your desired bullion product before buying it directly from the respective dealer online. Please support Buy-Gold.Link by using the provided links to buy from our featured dealers. We strive to become a leading comparison shopping site for precious metal bullion coins and bars.

Our site provides information about all gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion coins that are commonly traded by precious metal dealers online. Please note that all coins listed in these sections are bullion coins. The minimum purity for bullion coins is 90%, so you will only find coins that meet this standard on our pages. We don't list numismatic coins on our pages that generally do not meet bullion purity standards. However, some rare bullion coins can have a certain numismatic value in addition to their bullion value due to their scarcity.

In our section about historic gold coins, we list gold bullion coins that are no longer minted. Most of these are pre-1933 gold coins that were minted by the United States Mint. Not all gold coins in that section are that old though. The South African 1 & 2 Gold Rands were for example minted until 1983. Historic gold coins that are not at least 90% pure are not listed on our pages. Neither do we list historic gold coins by other government mints (like the French Mint) than the eight highly respected government mints that are featured in the Info section.

In our sections about bullion bars out of gold, silver, platinum and palladium, we concentrate on the major private mints for now. However, we will add some more private mint producers of bullion bars in the near future. Only highly respected private mints whose products are traded worldwide will be added. Small regional private producers will not be featured.

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