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Platinum is often overlooked by precious metal investors, just like its cousin palladium. That is a mistake since the continuing demand for platinum is ensured by its many uses in many types of industries. Especially the automotive industry can't do without platinum and that will remain so for the foreseeable future. Just a few years ago, platinum was valued higher than gold so it is fair to say that platinum is seriously undervalued right now. The limited annual platinum mining production compared to ever increasing demand for the metal will ensure the price of platinum to rise again sooner or later. Of course, investors cannot realistically expect to find the same number of product choices when buying platinum bullion that exist when buying gold or silver. This page gives a short overview of the different choices you have when investing in platinum.

Platinum Bullion can be bought in the form of platinum coins and platinum bars. For most precious metals, there is a greater choice of different coins than bars but that is not really the case for platinum. Only two different platinum bullion coins have been regularly minted for a long time already. These are the American Platinum Eagles and the Canadian Platinum Maple Leafs. Some renowned government mints such as the Austrian Mint as well as Australia's Perth Mint and Britain's Royal Mint have introduced some new platinum bullion coins in recent years though. It remains to be seen whether the Austrian Platinum Philharmonics, Australian Platinum Kangaroos, Australian Platinum Lunar coins, British Platinum Britannias and British Platinum Queen's Beasts can establish themselves on the market or whether their mintage run will end after just a few years. The latter had already happened twice before after all with the platinum version of two famous coins, the Mexican Libertads and the Chinese Pandas. So when browsing the online inventory of precious metal dealers, you will generally find a greater choice for platinum bullion bars regarding their different brands and sizes.

After choosing between the two types of platinum bullion below, you will come to a page with further information that allows you to select specific platinum bullion products that you want to learn more about. These product pages will not only give you all relevant information about the product but also allow you to compare current prices and directly buy the platinum coins or platinum bars of your choice from respected precious metal dealers online.

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platinum bullion coins

The major platinum bullion coins that dominate the market are minted by some of the world's oldest government mints. A platinum purity of 99.95% is the required bullion standard. Almost all platinum bullion coins that are still regularly minted are 1 oz coins. Only the Austrian Platinum Philharmonics and British Platinum Britannias are currently also issued in fractional sizes. All other contemporary platinum coins are only issued in the standard size of 1 oz. Other platinum coins like the American Platinum Eagles were minted in fractional sizes in the past but you will rarely find these coins available for purchase nowadays. Just like all bullion coins, platinum coins are generally available with brilliant uncirculated as well as proof finishes. The American Platinum Eagles were also issued with a burnished uncirculated finish in the past. The proof version of the US Mint's Platinum Eagles is also a bit unusual in that its design changes every year whereas most of the other platinum coins maintain the same design. The only other currently-issued platinum coins with different design are the newly-introduced Australian Platinum Lunar coins and the British Platinum Queen's Beasts. In case of a further rise of the platinum spot price in the years to come, it can be assumed that even more minting institutions will start to issue platinum bullion coins regularly.

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Platinum Bullion Bars are also 99.95% pure, just like the coins. Just like for any type of precious metal, buying bullion bars is generally the cheaper alternative if you plan to buy larger amounts of the metal. That is because of the lower manufacturing costs of bars compared with coins. Whereas gold and silver bars also exist with many kinds of artistic designs, platinum bars generally do not. PAMP Suisse's bars that bear the image of Lady Fortuna or the American Statue of Liberty are the only exception to this general rule. Both government and private mints worldwide produce platinum bullion bars. Many manufacturers start with 1 oz bars but PAMP Suisse also produces small gram-sized bars. The largest platinum bars that are commonly available for purchase are 1 kg bars. Most offered platinum bars are minted (produced like coins) but a limited selection of cast bars is also produced by most refiners. This section lists the various platinum bar products of the major private producers PAMP Suisse, Valcambi Suisse and Credit Suisse. Additional producers will be added to the page in the future.

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