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Palladium is another precious metal that many investors wrongfully overlook, just like platinum. The industrial demand for palladium is however just as high as for platinum due to its many uses. In some industries, platinum and palladium can be used interchangeably. The automotive industry is still responsible for the largest share of the total palladium demand. The market value of palladium has increased substantially in recent times after having been undervalued for a certain period. In any case, the current worldwide palladium demand exceeds the annual palladium mining output by a considerable amount at this point. That has resulted in a depletion of worldwide palladium stockpiles and a considerable value/price increase of this precious metal. Unfortunately, the choice of different palladium bullion products is really quite limited at this point. This page gives a short overview of the different choices you have when investing in palladium.

Palladium Bullion can be bought in the form of palladium coins and palladium bars. For most precious metals, there is a greater choice of different coins than bars but that is not the case for palladium. Only two different palladium bullion coins exist on the market and one of them was only introduced quite recently in 2017. Another third type of palladium coin by a major mint was produced in the not-too-distant past. However, the Chinese Palladium Pandas were last minted in 2005 by the China Mint and no plans are known to reintroduce them. Luckily, the choice of different palladium bullion bars is far greater. Both PAMP Suisse and Valcambi Suisse produce cast and minted palladium bullion bars of 99.95% purity in many different sizes. Most palladium bars are quite plain in their design but PAMP Suisse's bars bear the popular Lady Fortuna design that is also found on its other precious metal bars out of gold, silver and platinum.

After choosing between the two types of palladium bullion below, you will come to a page with further information that allows you to select specific palladium bullion products that you want to learn more about. These product pages will not only give you all relevant information about the product but also allow you to compare current prices and directly buy the palladium coins or bars of your choice from respected palladium dealers online.

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palladium bullion coins

As far as palladium bullion coins are concerned, one mint dominated the market for a long time. The Royal Canadian Mint was the first to regularly issue palladium coins. Its Canadian Palladium Maple Leafs are 99.95% pure just like palladium bars. In September 2017, the US Mint issued its first-ever palladium coins with the inaugural release of 15,000 brilliant uncirculated Palladium American Eagles. A proof version of these new coins was then released in 2018, followed by reverse proof coins in 2019 and burnished coins in 2020. Both the Canadian Palladium Maple Leafs and the Palladium American Eagles only exist in the size of 1 oz. Smaller 1/2 oz palladium coins were minted by the China Mint in the past, most recently in 2005. The various limited issues of Chinese Palladium Pandas are rarely traded online these days. Since all Chinese Panda coins are popular with collectors, expect to pay a collectibility premium if you do find Chinese Palladium Panda coins listed for sale. Due to the substantial increase of the palladium spot price in recent times, it can be expected that more and more minting institutions will begin to issue palladium bullion coins regularly.

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Palladium Bullion Bars are of the same 99.95% purity as the coins mentioned above. Just like for any type of precious metal, buying bullion bars is generally the cheaper alternative if you plan to buy larger amounts of the metal. That is because of the lower manufacturing costs of bars compared with coins. What's more, the choice of different palladium bullion bars far exceeds the choice between different coins. Palladium bars generally look quite plain in appearance. Only PAMP Suisse creates bars with a design on the frontal side with its Lady Fortuna palladium bars. Fewer government and private mints worldwide produce palladium bars than bars of other precious metals. The 1 oz bar size is certainly the most common but PAMP Suisse also produces small gram-sized bars. The largest palladium bullion bars that are commonly available for purchase are 1 kg bars. Most offered palladium bars are minted (produced like coins) but a limited selection of cast bars is also produced by most refiners. This section lists the various palladium bar products of the major private producers PAMP Suisse, Valcambi Suisse and Credit Suisse. Additional producers will be added to the page in the future.

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