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Silver has been used as money for millenia. As the most affordable of all precious metals, it has special appeal for investors who are just starting out or who can only invest smaller amounts but it deserves its place in any precious metal portfolio. Silver is not only interesting for the serious investor in precious metals but also for coin collectors and survivalists (preppers). Coin collectors who are attracted by the special design of certain gold coins (e.g. Chinese Gold Pandas) can often find a silver coin with the exactly same design (Chinese Silver Pandas) but for a fraction of the price. Some survivalists hoard silver coins as something valuable to barter with when our current debt-based financial system comes crashing down. This page gives you a short overview of the different choices you have when investing in silver.

Silver Bullion can be bought in the form of silver coins, silver bars and silver rounds. Even some silver gift items exist that match the purity of silver bullion coins and bars. Silver rounds (that look like coins, but don't have a face value) could be a good option for you if you are looking for the lowest premiums. The choice of different silver rounds is also far greater than for gold rounds. For now, Buy-Gold.Link doesn't offer a specialized section for silver rounds but that might change at some point in the future. Most private investors choose to invest in silver coins whereas institutional investors (and large-scale private investors) generally prefer silver bars. Due to the low price of silver, even bigger silver bars are still affordable for most investors. Whereas Buy-Gold.Link has a special section for historic gold coins, there is no special section for historic silver coins. The reason is that few historic silver coins meet bullion criteria (at least 90% purity).

After choosing between the two types of silver bullion below, you will come to a page with further information that allows you to select specific silver bullion products that you want to learn more about. These product pages will not only give you all relevant information about the product but also allow you to compare current prices and directly buy the silver coins or bars of your choice from respected silver dealers online.

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various silver bullion coins

Silver Bullion Coins are minted by government mints worldwide. The coins must be at least 99.9% pure to be considered bullion. That is the purity of the vast majority of silver bullion coins on the market but some are even 99.99% pure. Whereas most silver coins are offered in a variety of sizes/denominations, some coins are only minted in the 1 oz size. However, small sizes like 1/20 oz or even 1/40 oz are minted by some mints, though such small sizes are not nearly as common as for gold coins. Larger sizes than 1 oz are offered as well and some coins are even minted in the giant size of 10 kg. The majority of all minted silver bullion coins is of course offered with a brilliant uncirculated finish. To the delight of coin collectors, a much larger share of all produced coins are minted as proof coins. That makes silver proof coins much more readily available than gold proof coins. The market value of all silver bullion coins is tied to the spot price of the metal. The legal tender value of the coins is of course much lower. Due to the affordable silver price, the metal is also bought in the form of junk silver coins by survivalists for bartering.

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silver bullion bars

Silver Bullion Bars need to meet the minimum purity standard of 99.9%. If you want to obtain the largest possible amount of silver for your investment amount, silver bars are the way to go. Since these bars are usually not fancy in their design and bear few if any artistic designs, their cost of production is much lower. These lower production cost are passed on to consumers in the form of lower premiums. Many government and private mints worldwide produce silver bars. Many manufacturers start with 1 oz bars but some also produce small gram-sized bars. The choice of smaller silver bars is much more limited than for small gold bars. Larger silver bars of 1 kg and 100 oz are commonly available for purchase. The largest 1,000 oz Good Delivery silver bars are intended for the interbank trade though. The larger-sized silver bars cost much lower premiums than the smaller bars. This section lists the various silver bar products of the four major private producers PAMP Suisse, Valcambi Suisse, Sunshine Minting and Credit Suisse. Additional producers will be added to the page in the future.

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