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December 14, 2017 by Buy-Gold.Link in Gift Ideas, Silver

Whereas gold gifts (that I wrote about in this previous article) mainly appeal to women, gifts out of silver also make great presents to give to children. That could even be a good way to teach your children what real value is. I snooped around the online catalogs of several precious metal dealers and I have selected three unique types of silver gifts that you could offer to children as well as adults that I will describe below.

The first of the three kinds of silver gifts that are described in this article appeals primarily to boys. Most boys love to play with cowboys and indians at some point during their childhood. I remember I did too. The precious metal dealer BGASC currently offers silver cowboy & indian figurines, all of them cast out of 99.9% pure silver (which is stamped on the base of each figure). A total of nine different figurines exist but not all of them are currently in stock. Those that are currently available for purchase have the imaginative names of Plains Drifter, Desperado, Gun Slinger, Peacemaker, Bandit and Marshall. Three Silver Indians exist too in addition to these six Silver Cowboys but the Indian figures are not available at this time.

The price of each silver figurine is currently about 90$, perhaps a bit expensive for a silver gift containing about 2 oz of silver. The spot price of silver is only about 18$ per ounce at the moment so you will be paying a substantial premium for these unique silver gifts. However, these figures are highly collectible and may rise in value. They are produced by the Elemetal Mint and each hand-poured figurine measures about 2.75 inches in height and 1.5 inches in width. So, if one of your sons or nephews has a birthday coming up or maybe even for this Christmas still (if you act fast and possibly pay extra for speedy shipping), surprise them with one of these beautiful Silver Cowboys. Each figure is bubble-wrapped and comes shipped in a glossy black gift box.

Since you now know that silver gifts even come in the shape of cowboys and indians, it doesn’t take much to imagine other unusual shapes as well. The private mint Yeager’s Poured Silver, LLC sells 99.9% pure silver bullion in a wide variety of shapes and sizes including crosses, cubes, lions, pyramids, hammers and anvils and even human skulls. Of course, the company sells regular brick-shaped silver bars too.

Skull-shaped silver gifts

Let’s take the silver skulls as an example. These 99.9% pure hand-poured silver oddities would perhaps make a great gift for the (slightly) crazy relative in your family 😉 . Or maybe you could offer them to one of your sons or nephews that are just going through a rebellious period during their adolescence. Maybe someone who is into Gothic music or even Punk would love these unusual silver gifts too. The 1 oz silver skull that Yeager is producing measures 0.95 x 0.69 x 0.53 inches. The mint’s logo, weight and fineness is stamped on the back side of the skull. The price of the 1 oz silver skull (currently about 20$) is actually quite reasonable and only between 2 or 3 $ above the silver spot price. So silver skulls make great silver gifts for bargain hunters!

I was a bit surprised to find out that Yeager’s Poured Silver is not the only private mint offering such morbid silver gifts, so many people seem to be interested in such gifts. The Oregon-based Monarch Precious Metals Mint produces two types of 99.9% pure hand-poured silver skulls. The design of the Monarch Mint’s 2 oz silver skull is inspired by the sugar skulls that are used in Mexico to celebrate the “Dia de los Muertos“. It is covered with various adornments and measures 1.5 inches in height, 1 inch in width and 0.375 inches in thickness.

this 2 oz Day of the Dead silver skull is one of the more unusual silver gifts you could buy for this Christmas

this 2 oz “Day of the Dead” silver skull is one of the more unusual silver gifts you could buy for this Christmas

The 2nd silver skull that the Monarch Mint produces is thicker (5/8″) and heavier (3 oz) and plain in appearance. The back of both skulls displays the crown logo of the Monarch Mint as well as the respective silver weight and purity. The larger 3 oz skull also contains a unique serial number. Compared with getting a skull tattoo as a personal “memento mori“, which more and more people choose to do, choosing one of these two morbid silver gifts might be the better choice.

Silver gifts in much larger sizes than 1 oz or 2 oz also exist aplenty. The precious metal dealer SD Bullion offers five different silver statues that range from 8 oz up to 20 oz in weight. Although much bigger than the silver gifts mentioned above, these statues are made out of Sterling silver. That means that they are ‘only’ 92.5% pure. However, anyone buying such a large silver statue probably thinks more of its decorative effect. The five statues depict Troy the Bull (8 oz), Ozzy the Bear (12 oz), Silverbeard the Pirate (12 oz, inspired by the historical figure of Captain Blackbeard), a 15 oz Skull of the Dead (also inspired by the Mexican ‘Day of the Dead’) and a 20 oz presidential bust of the current American President Donald J. Trump.

No matter which of these silver statues you prefer, they would all look great on a desk. They are something that you would buy for decoration though and to show your love for precious metals. With their lower silver content of 92.5% and very high collectibility premiums, these statues make great silver gifts but not good investments. Their prices range from 340$ for the 8 oz statue of a bull up to 650$ for the 20 oz presidential statue. A 20 oz silver bullion bar will only cost you about 400$ in comparison.

This article just introduced three types of silver gifts out of many that are available for purchase online. Maybe you have seen other silver gifts on another website that look great too? Then I would appreciate you commenting below.

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