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The website is maintained by the corporation Goldbroker Ltd. that is based in the United Kingdom. The mailing address of the company's headquarter in London is: Goldbroker Ltd., Thomas House - 84 Eccleston Square, London SW1V1PX, United Kingdom. sells gold and silver bullion bars and coins which will be stored outside the banking system at a secure storage facility in Zurich (Switzerland), Toronto (Canada), New York or Singapore. The storage provider is independent from The secure storage company directly issues the ownership certificate mentioning the name and serial number of the bullion bars owned by the client. Customers can choose to have their holdings shipped to their home. The large minimum investment of USD 10,000 makes suitable for big-budget investors.

The opportunity to discreetly store all purchased gold and silver bullion offshore outside the banking system is one of the main draws of That substantially reduces the risk of government confiscation and bank defaults. The company is run by two esteemed individuals with lots of experience in the precious metals industry. The first one is Fabrice Drouin Ristori who serves as the CEO of both GoldBroker and its parent company FDR Capital. Egon von Greyerz is the man pulling the strings in the background.

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The gold dealer charges commissions for the buying of the offered gold and silver bullion products as well as for the annual management (which includes storage) of the accumulated holdings. Quantity discounts are available when ordering certain products.

Buying Commission:

GoldBroker charges commissions for all bullion products that are sold and the commission amount varies from product to product. The commission is included in the listed sales prices. The minimum investment amount is USD 10,000 for a first order and then USD 5,000 from the second order onwards. The larger the order amount, the lower the included commission percentage will be so it is better to place one large order instead of multiple smaller ones.

Selling Commission:

GoldBroker buys back precious metals that the buyer has kept in storage units. A commission of 1% is charged for all precious metals that are bought back in this way (minimum of USD 75).

Annual Management & Storage:

GoldBroker charges annual storage fees for the gold and silver it stores for its clients. Check this official page to find out what the exact current rates are. The storage fees are calculated as a percentage of the current asset value (number of troy ounces held x current spot price of gold/silver) of the clients' holdings. The annual storage fee percentage starts at 1.5% per year and goes down the higher the total stored precious metal value is.

In addition to the annual storage fees, GoldBroker charges an annual storage account maintenance fee of USD 125 if the total stored value is lower than USD 20,000. The annual storage account maintenance fee is offered by GoldBroker if the total stored value exceeds USD 20,000 regardless whether the stored precious metal is gold or silver or both.

The annual management and storage fees are applied on the total value of the investor's holdings. The fees include: storage of the investment in a secured warehouse, secure transportation, insurance of the investment, issuance of a certificate of ownership in full name, customs clearance as well as administrative fees for the management of the investor's account.

All management and storage fees for the first year have to be paid in advance. From the second year on, invoices can be issued quarterly or annually, whichever the investor prefers.

In addition to that, charges fees of USD 200 if the customer requests a vault inspection of his/her holdings at the secure storage vault in Zurich or Singapore. Personal pickup of the gold and/or silver holdings incurs a USD 200 fee as well.

The purchased physical gold and silver can also be directly shipped to customers in the United States (free shipping on all gold/silver orders) and France (shipping rate depends on the weight of the order). You can find more information about GoldBroker's insured shipping service on this page.


Customers first have to open an investor account with online, which then has to be verified by providing a passport copy, proof of residence and a copy of their banking coordinates. Funds can then be transferred via bank wire to credit the investor account. Upon reception of the wire transfer, gold and silver purchases can be initiated online. The minimum order amount for a first order is USD 10,000. The purchased precious metals will be stored in secured vaults in Zurich (Switzerland), Toronto (Canada), New York or Singapore. The investor has to sign a contract with the secure storage provider, which will issue an original certificate of storage in the investor's name, showing the serial numbers of the owned precious metal bars. Investors can personally verify their holdings at the vault where their precious metals are stored and make partial or complete withdrawals. Employees from don't need to be present for that as the gold and silver is directly owned by the investor.

Payment exclusively accepts the payment via bank transfer after verification of the investor's account has been completed.

Shipping will initiate the shipment of the purchased gold and silver directly to the secure storage facility in Zurich, Toronto, New York or Singapore. Investors can request to have their gold and silver shipped to their home from there. A quotation for the applicable shipment rate has to be requested in that case.