Capital Gold Group Review

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Online Gold Dealer Reviews this gold dealer is incorporated in the USA Focused on educating its customers on sound precious metal investing

The Capital Gold Group that is running the website is a registered corporation in the United States of America, based in Woodland Hills (California). It offers precious metal bullion coins, historic coins, bullion bars and rounds out of gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Some of the historic and contemporary gold bullion coins that the Capital Gold Group offers are veritable rarities that few (if any) other online gold dealers have in their catalog. The purchased precious metals can be either shipped to the customer or to a third-party secure storage vault. Additionally, the Capital Gold Group assists customers with opening a Precious Metals IRA and cooperates with the precious metals custodian STRATA Trust Company that provides storage through the Delaware Depository Service Company.

The company places special emphasis on educating its customers about the precious metal market. It published "The Definitive Gold Guide" for that purpose which can be downloaded here for free. Many other exclusive investment guides can be ordered as well. The man behind the Capital Gold Group's focus on providing quality investment information is Jonathan Rose, the company's CEO and founder. His opinion on the global gold market is also regularly sought-after by leading financial publications and TV stations on both sides of the Atlantic.

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The current spot prices of gold, silver, platinum and palladium are displayed on the Capital Gold Group's website. The site also contains a catalog of precious metal coins, bars and rounds that doesn't include current purchasing prices however. Since orders are placed through the phone, customers will be informed of the actual product prices by a Capital Gold Group sales representative. Proof, semi-numismatic and numismatic coins are sold with a bid/ask spread (wholesale/retail spread) between fifteen and thirty-five percent. The bid/ask spread for bullion coins and bars varies between ten and twenty percent. Shipping and insurance costs will be added to the total order amount.


Customers can inform themselves, ask questions and/or place their orders by calling a Capital Gold Group representative. In case the customer decides to order, the Group's Gold specialist will review and explain the transaction details before recording a verbal confirmation. Customers will then be given a confirmation number for their order. Finally, a written Account Agreement has to be filled in, signed, dated and initialed. The written Account Agreement also discloses the actual shipping and insurance costs for the order. The Capital Gold Group's representative can assist the customer with the completion of the written Account Agreement if required. Cancellations of orders are not possible.


Orders can be paid for via bank wire, book transfer, direct deposit, personal check, cashier’s check or money order. In case of payment via bank wire, book transfer or direct deposit, proof of payment has to be sent by fax or email to the Capital Gold Group's sales representative. Customers will be notified via call or mail once full payment has been received. There are strictly no refunds.


Customers will be informed of applicable shipping and insurance costs in the written Account Agreement that has to be completed for every order. The gold dealer Capital Gold Group ships within the United States of America only. The purchased precious metals can be shipped either directly to the customer or to an insured storage vault that is operated by a partner of the Capital Gold Group (annual storage fees apply). In the first case, shipment of the purchased bullion products will be initiated within 7 to 21 business days (15 - 29 business days if paying by personal check) after reception of full payment. A member of the Capital Gold Group's shipping department will call the customer in order to reconfirm the shipping address. Only after speaking with the customer will a discreetly wrapped box be sent out via insured United States Postal Service (USPS) Registered Mail or FedEx. The Capital Gold Group will inform the customer of his/her Registered Mail tracking number. With this number, progress of the shipment can be tracked online. The U.S. Mail now ships all registered mail shipments via ground transport, so the delivery process can take more than 15 business days.