Vatican Gold Coins

September 30, 2023 by Buy-Gold.Link in Exotic Coins, Gold, Rare Coins, Silver

Most people would never expect a micro-nation like the Vatican City to issue precious metal coins. Yet, such coins have been issued by papal mints since about the 8th century during medieval times. The latest in a series of Vatican gold coins was just issued earlier this year, a 91.7% pure gold coin of 30 grams dedicated to the Second Vatican Council Declaration “Nostra Aetate” that was published in 1965.

religious themes are displayed on Vatican gold coins as can be expected

religious themes are displayed on Vatican gold coins as can be expected

It is the Treasury Department of the Vatican City state that authorizes the production and issuance of coins which are then produced by the Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato Italiano (IPZS) in Rome. The Vatican City’s Philatelic and Numismatic Office is then responsible for the issuance of the produced coinage. Most of the produced coins are Euro circulation coins and even these are (marginally) more valuable than their official face value due to their relative rarity. However, a small number of gold and silver coins are minted from time to time as well. Mintage of the abovementioned Nostra Aetate gold proof coins that have an official face value of 100 Euros is limited to only 799 pieces for example.

Whereas the Vatican gold coins are round in shape as is usual for coins, the latest Vatican silver coins are rectangular and have parts of their design colored. The design of the 92.5% pure silver proof coins is also inspired by religious themes, like all other Vatican gold and silver coins. Since most new coins that are issued by the Vatican are not available online, a collector’s best bet may be to buy them during a holiday on location. The renowned precious metals dealer Apmex also has a selection of Vatican coins on offer, including some older specimens from the middle of the last century. You can see them here by following this link!

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