Unusual 24 Karat Gold Items

March 15, 2023 by Buy-Gold.Link in Gift Ideas, Gold

Many people think that gold bullion coins and gold bars are the only things out of 24 karat gold that can be purchased. That is not the case though as previous articles on this blog about 24 karat gold necklaces as well as 24 karat gold watches have shown. This article now will introduce some unusual 24 karat gold items that are available for purchase.

The first of these are eye wear glasses with frames out of 24 karat gold. The downside of 24 karat gold is that it is very soft and therefore easily scratched. However, if you take good care of your glasses and always put them back in their box after wearing them, the risk of the frame getting scratched is minimal. If you’re now interested to buy such 24 k frames, have a look at this website.

Other unusual 24 karat gold items are golden eggs, edible gold leaves, iPhone gold frames and vibrating gold bars that suspiciously look like dildos. Now, I personally have no idea why anyone would want to buy and use these items. Especially the 24 k gold eggs that you can buy by following this link seem completely useless to me. Perhaps you could use them for an Easter display at a jewelry store?

edible gold leaf sheets are one of the most unusual 24 karat gold items money can buy

edible gold leaf sheets are one of the most unusual 24 karat gold items money can buy

The 24 k edible gold leaf sheets are advertised as completely safe to eat. Even though they would probably look nice as decoration on some fanciful desserts, it still seems somewhat decadent to me but these are the times we currently live in. The iPhone gold frames are perhaps the least unusual 24 karat gold items on this list. After all, people decorate their cellphones in various ways and buyers of Apple products rarely distinguish themselves by their modesty.

The most puzzling 24 karat gold item is perhaps this dildo-shaped gold bar that apparently can vibrate. Strangely, it is advertised as a facial massage tool. Maybe the importer of this item from Japan misunderstood the Japanese instructions or perhaps it is just me that is getting a bit too old to understand some of the fashionable ways that people express and enjoy themselves these days?

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