Treasured Maple Leaf Coins

February 28, 2023 by Buy-Gold.Link in Coin Series, Gift Ideas, Gold, Silver

As a general rule, precious metal bullion coins are available for much lower premiums than collectible coins of the same precious metal purity. The main reason for that is that bullion coins are produced in much higher quantities. Obviously, mints have an interest to sell at least a portion of their bullion coins with higher markups as collectible coins and this previous article on this blog discussed different ways to achieve this goal. The Royal Canadian Mint‘s newly issued Treasured Maple Leaf coins now combine two of these strategies, special packaging and the use of special mint marks.

Currently, there are four different issues available under the Treasured Maple Leaf label, one that features a 1/10 oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin and three separate 1 oz issues for the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins. What sets this coin offering apart and the reason why the Royal Canadian Mint labels the Treasured Maple Leaf coins as premium bullion is basically the special packaging which was designed for gift-giving occasions such as birthdays, weddings, graduations and other special occasions. The packaging design or theme is different for each of the four coins that are issued under this program, the 1/10 oz gold as well as the 1 oz silver coins are available with a generic theme, a Congratulations theme and a Lunar theme dedicated to the current Year of the Rabbit.

1/10 oz gold version of the 2023 Treasured Maple Leaf coins

1/10 oz gold version of the 2023 Treasured Maple Leaf coins

The 2023-dated Gold and Silver Maple Leaf coins that are encapsulated within this special packaging also bear a special mint mark on the obverse side to the left of the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. This mark shows the years 1952 and 2022 during which the Queen reigned and four pearls that are meant to symbolize the four different effigies of the Queen that have appeared on Canadian coinage throughout the years of her reign.

The Treasured Maple Leaf coins are already available for order now, one month before the release of the regular 2023 bullion coins. If you want to order them, simply use the links above that will take you to the corresponding page in the official online shop of the Royal Canadian Mint. After receiving your order, you will see that there is even a dedicated space on the packaging where you could write a hand-written message before giving out the coins to your intended recipient.

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