Tokelau Bullion Coins

October 31, 2023 by Buy-Gold.Link in Exotic Coins, Gold, Silver

Even some small and tiny nations that most people have never even heard of produce precious metal bullion coins these days. That is easier as it may seem at first glance since nations that don’t have a national mint or whose national mint lacks the technological expertise to produce such coins can always outsource the production to a private mint. That is the case with Tokelau bullion coins as well.

Tokelau is a semi-autonomous group of islands in the South Pacific that are governed by New Zealand. Its 99.99% pure gold and silver bullion coins (some silver coins are 99.9% pure) are produced by the private Pressburg Mint in Slovakia. Due to Tokelau’s affiliation with New Zealand (which is a part of the British Commonwealth), you can expect to find the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the reverse side of Tokelau bullion coins.

marine animals like this sailfish feature on many Tokelau bullion coins

marine animals like this sailfish feature on many Tokelau bullion coins

As far as the obverse side design of the coins is concerned, there exist a variety of different designs, including various patterns, maps, portraits and animal motifs (including zodiac animals related to the Chinese horoscope). The perhaps strangest Tokelau bullion coins are these 99.99% pure 1 kg silver coins that come in the shape of a bullion bar. These bars that depict the Goddess Europa and a metamorphosed Zeus shown as a bull have the status of coins because they have an official face value of 50 NZD (only coins have legal tender status, so any object that can be used as legal tender is a coin, regardless of its shape).

Mintage numbers of the coins vary from double digits like this horror-themed 1 oz gold coin to the hundreds of thousands like this sailfish-themed 1 oz silver coin. The renowned precious metal dealer APMEX has a wide selection of Tokelau bullion coins in his catalog which you can all see on this webpage.

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