Time-Limited Coin Issues

July 30, 2019 by Buy-Gold.Link in Coin Knowledge, Gift Ideas

What are time-limited coin issues you may wonder? Please allow me to explain. Whereas most bullion coins are minted according to the current market demand, the total mintage number of numismatic precious metal coins is usually limited to a few thousand or tens of thousands of pieces. Limiting the total mintage of these coins creates a level of scarcity that motivates collectors to pay far higher premiums for these coins than they would have to for precious metal bullion coins of the same weight.

However, the mintage limitation also limits the total possible profit for the issuing mint while maximizing the profit per coin. Now, an American dealer and a Canadian mint have partnered up to try a new approach that could very well end up maximizing their profits far above what could be achieved with limited-mintage coins. That new approach is a time limitation instead of a mintage limitation.

Lear Capital is a leading retailer in the American precious metals market. The firm recently announced its partnership with the Royal Canadian Mint to produce and issue gold and silver premium coins which will only be produced this year in 2019. These time-limited gold and silver coins bear the image of an orca whale on their reverse side and the customary portrait of the British Queen Elizabeth II on their obverse side. Since these premium coins will be exclusively available through Lear Capital, the firm can get away with charging thirsty collectors horrendously inflated prices for them. Whereas limited-mintage coins would typically sell for up to 50% above their precious metal value, the announced premiums for the time-limited gold and silver orca coin issue is about 90%.

the orca whale design is the same on all 3 versions of this time-limited coin issue

the orca whale design is the same on all 3 versions of this time-limited coin issue

The time-limited 99.99% pure gold and silver orca coins exist in three versions, a 1/4 oz gold coin and a 2 oz as well as a 10 oz silver coin. The “orca in the water” reverse design is identical on both the silver and gold version of the coins. Collectors that are interested in these time-limited coins can download the fact sheet of the Gold and Silver Orca Coin from this page on the Lear Capital website. People that buy gold and silver coins as an investment instead of as a hobby should obviously stay away from acquiring these price-inflated coins. After all, there are plenty of other gold (and silver) coins of bullion quality that display appealing designs (if that is important to you) such as the Chinese Gold Pandas or the Australian Gold Kangaroos.

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