Single Sourced Gold Maple Leafs

October 15, 2023 by Buy-Gold.Link in Gold, Precious Metal Investing, Silver

As customers are becoming more aware of environmental and social issues, companies in all areas of business are looking for ways to demonstrate their good and sustainable management as well as corporate responsibility. For bullion producers particularly, it has been difficult to ensure that the precious metals they use don’t come from areas of conflict or were mined using child labor. The single sourced Gold Maple Leafs that were first introduced in 2022 employ a new and unique way to assure buyers that their gold was mined responsibly.

Canada’s Royal Canadian Mint has already been on the forefront of many developments in recent years that made bullion coins more difficult to counterfeit. These include radial lines and a micro-engraved privy mark on the reverse side of the coins. On the single sourced Gold Maple Leafs that were introduced to the market in 2022, another new privy mark of a hand cradling a globe was added to the design of the reverse side to indicate that the gold in these coins indeed comes from a single source, a single mine. In the case of the latest 2023 edition of these coins, this mine was the Éléonore mine in Canada’s province of northern Québec whereas the gold in the 2022 coins came from the Meliadine mine in the Kivalliq District of Nunavut Territory.

the single sourced Gold Maple Leafs were first issued in 2022

the single sourced Gold Maple Leafs were first issued in 2022

Furthermore, the single sourced Gold Maple Leafs (as well as the Silver Maple Leafs) are also protected by BULLION DNA™ technology. This technology allows investors to easily and quickly verify the authenticity of their Maple Leaf bullion coins. For that purpose, an electronic device takes a high-resolution picture of the coin and compares it with the pictures (of all the different coin variations regarding the abovementioned micro-engraved privy mark due to being produced by different dies) stored in the Royal Canadian Mint’s database. Since every die used by the mint is unique (in how the micro-engraved privy mark looks), any counterfeit coin would be detected through this technology.

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