Luxembourg Silver Niobium Coins

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The previous article on this blog introduced the collectible silver niobium coins from Austria that are still being minted each year. However, there exists another popular collectible coin series that is comprised of bimetallic coins out of silver and the rare precious metal of niobium. These are the Luxembourg silver niobium coins that were first ... Continue reading

Silver Niobium Coins from Austria

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When most people think of precious metal coins, they picture coins that are made out of gold or silver. Most serious precious metal investors however know that platinum bullion coins and palladium bullion coins exist as well. There are other precious metals though such as rhodium or niobium that are hardly known among the general ... Continue reading

Super Incuse Maple Leaf coins

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Most precious metal investors that buy coins regard the coin design as a secondary feature. After all, when you buy silver bullion coins for the purpose of investment, it is the premium that you will have to pay above the spot price of the metal that will interest you most of all. However, collectible precious ... Continue reading

Ukrainian Archangel Michael coins

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With the Ukraine constantly being the focus of so many news stories these days due to the ongoing war with Russia, I thought it might interest some readers to know that there are some Ukrainian gold and silver coins that investors as well as collectors might be interested in buying. Apart from the 1 oz ... Continue reading

Convex Silver Coins

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Many coin collectors have a strong preference for adding coins to their collection that are somewhat unusual. Mints have used various methods to create such coins like coloring, gold-plating etc. but few mints have so far issued collectible precious metal coins that deviate from the standard and traditional round coin shape. There have been some ... Continue reading

Maple Leaf Forever Silver Coins

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This first article in a series introduces the Maple Leaf Forever silver coins. Later articles will appear on this blog about the gold and platinum coins of the Maple Leaf Forever Series which is a collectible coin series within the Canadian Maple Leaf bullion coin series. The Royal Canadian Mint has successfully practiced this Russian ... Continue reading

Laos Jade Lunar Series

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As already mentioned in previous articles, bullion investors should always stick to buying bullion coins and bars from renowned government mints and private mints as these bullion products sell for the lowest premiums and are also much easier to sell when the time has come. However, one of the joys of bullion coin collectors is ... Continue reading

Tutankhamun Sand Triangle Coin

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Recently, this blog already featured two articles about unusual triangular gold coins, the Bermuda Shipwreck coins as well as the Royal Australian Mint‘s Australian Shipwreck coins. Both of these rare collectible coins are shaped like a Reuleaux triangle. Another unusual and rare collectible bullion coin that has a triangular shape is the Tutankhamun Sand Triangle ... Continue reading

Australian Shipwreck Coins

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If you have read our recent article about the Bermuda Shipwreck coin series then you’re already familiar with the concept of triangular coins. However, there is another series of gold and silver bullion coins that have the unusual shape of a┬áReuleaux triangle. These are the Australian Shipwreck coins of which 4 issues were minted by ... Continue reading

Reverse Proof American Silver Eagles

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As already discussed in previous articles, one proven way for a mint to increase its sales is to issue special collectible versions of its bullion coins. No matter whether these coins distinguish themselves from the regular bullion coins by a special finish, the addition of a mint/privy mark, the selective application of color to the ... Continue reading