Silver Valentine’s Day Gifts

January 14, 2019 by Buy-Gold.Link in Exotic Coins, Gift Ideas, Silver

The day that flower shop owners love most is just a month away now, Valentine’s Day! If you are planning to buy a gift for your significant other, now would be the time. Even though diamonds are a girl’s best friend and gold is the shiniest metal, I understand that most young lovers are not financially bedded on roses. That’s why the focus of this article is on Silver Valentine’s Day gifts. Silver is a lot cheaper than the other precious metals, so almost everyone is probably able to afford the gift ideas I propose. The word cheap only relates to price here as the Silver Valentine’s Day gifts that are introduced below don’t look cheap at all.

As a case in point, let’s start with the commemorative coin entitled “All My Love” that PAMP Suisse just issued. Along with the words “All my Love to You” it shows the image of a rose in sculptural high relief in the middle. I’m sure this coin will become a very popular gift not only for Valentine’s Day. After all, how better to express the theme of love and purity in a coin than through a color combination of rose and silvery white. The base of the coin is made of an alloy out of 33.3% silver that PAMP has named “rose silver”. The stunning insert in the shape of a rose (out of 99.9% pure silver) seems ready to pop out of the coin in 3D.

Silver Valentine's Day Gifts for Chinese couples

Chinese couples that are looking for Silver Valentine’s Day gifts would probably enjoy this unusual silver coin that the Perth Mint issued

Silver Valentine’s Day Gifts don’t only come in the traditional round coin shape though. Let’s have a look at this unusual bar-shaped 99.99% pure 1 oz silver coin that Australia’s Perth Mint has produced for the island nation of Tuvalu. Even though it is shaped like a silver bar, it is in fact a coin since it has a legal tender face value. The front side of the rectangular 1 oz silver proof coins show a pair of Mandarin ducks in color. The ducks are shown swimming in a pond with foliage above them and tall lotus flowers growing at the edge. Mandarin ducks are a popular symbol of love, marriage and fidelity in Chinese culture.

MMTC PAMP Silver Valentine’s Day Gifts

Every culture has their own unique symbols of love. The couples of Krishna and Radha as well as Ganesha and Lakshmi represent the everlasting bond between husband and wife in Indian culture. The joint venture MMTC PAMP between PAMP SA Switzerland and MMTC Ltd issued two different types of silver coins that bear the image of these couples. MMTC PAMP’s Ganesha Lakshmi silver coins are 99.9% pure and available in the different sizes of 5 grams, 10 grams, 50 grams and 100 grams. A colored version in the shape of a silver ingot is also available.

The 99.99% pure oval-shaped 1 oz Krishna Radha silver coins also show the famous couple in color. For those of you that have Indian friends, both coins would not only make great Silver Valentine’s Day Gifts but also suitable gifts for such occasions as Indian weddings, Indian festivals like Diwali, birthdays, housewarming gifts, New Year presents etc.

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