Royal Mint 886 Collection

July 15, 2022 by Buy-Gold.Link in Gift Ideas, Gold, Minting Institutions, Silver

Just like any other commercial business striving for profit, more and more government mints are trying to branch out into other areas. The production of jewelry seems natural for a company that is already renowned for the quality of its bullion products. However, instead of producing 24 karat jewelry which is not really suitable for daily wearing (and has therefore never really become popular), Britain’s esteemed Royal Mint has launched the 886 collection which is aiming to establish itself as a luxury brand of fine jewelry.

logo of the Royal Mint 886 Collection

logo of the Royal Mint 886 Collection

The name of the new jewelry brand is a reference to the year 1886 when the Royal Mint was founded as an institution. This May 2022, the inaugural 15-piece catalog of the Royal Mint 886 Collection was listed at this dedicated website online. The different jewelry items are made of either 18-karat gold (75% gold purity), 9-karat gold (37.5% gold purity), Sterling silver (92.5% silver purity) or Britannia silver (95.833% silver purity).

However, it seems to be the focus of the Royal Mint 886 Collection to offer genderless items, so pieces of jewelry that both genders could wear. Whether that focus was simply chosen to keep the potential market of buyers as large as possible or whether it is a sign of pandering to the woke crowd that believes that gender is just a social construct remains to be seen.

The Royal Mint 886 Collection basically includes 5 different types of jewelry which are rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and cufflinks. The gold that is used to produce these items comes to 100% from recycled electronics which is certainly a highly laudable move towards sustainability from the Royal Mint.

The design of the different jewelry items was created with the purpose of durability in mind. These items perhaps don’t look as fancy as the jewelry of other designers but you probably will be glad that you chose this brand over others when you pass it on to your children some day in the same undestructible condition that you bought it in.

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