Royal Canadian Mint Opulence Collection

November 15, 2022 by Buy-Gold.Link in Gold, Platinum, Rare Coins

Bullion coins and bars are generally not exclusive products since they are produced and sold in large quantities. However, more and more mints are trying to capitalize on the larger profits that exclusive products generate by issuing special limited-edition version of their bullion products. The Royal Canadian Mint Opulence Collection is a newly created special collection of exclusive limited-mintage bullion products. This collection is currently made up of 1 gold coin and 3 platinum coins. If successful in opening up a new market for such collectible bullion coins, the Royal Canadian Mint will certainly add more such products to the collection within the near future.

the Opulence Collection includes this 1 oz gold coin adorned with 5 pink diamonds

the Opulence Collection includes this 1 oz gold coin adorned with 5 pink diamonds

The only gold coin that is currently in the Royal Canadian Mint’s Opulence Collection is a 99.99% pure 1 oz coin that has been named “Treasure”. It has an official face value of CAD$ 200 and its mintage limit is set to 400 coins. The three different collectible platinum coins that are currently a part of the collection are all 99.95% pure. Their respective names, weights, face values and mintage limits are:

  • Grandeur, 2 oz (CAD$ 350, maximum mintage: 30 coins)
  • Splendour, 10 oz (CAD$ 1,250, maximum mintage: 5 coins)
  • The Ultimate, 1 kg (CAD$ 2,500, maximum mintage: 1 coin)

All four coins that are a part of the Opulence Collection had a number of Fancy Vivid Pink diamonds from Australia’s Argyle Mine hand-set into their design. Whereas the Treasure coin ‘only’ contains 5 such diamonds, the three larger platinum coins respectively feature 30 (2 oz Grandeur coin), 64 (10 oz Splendour coin) and a staggering 462 diamonds (1 kg ‘The Ultimate’ coin). All four coins of the Opulence Collection were polished to proof perfection. Unfortunately, all coins have been already sold so you can only admire their beauty by looking at their pictures on this page of the Royal Canadian Mint’s webshop.

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