Rare Coins

Rare US gold coins

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One thing that coin buyers take for granted these days is that one year’s issue of a coin differs from another year’s issue only by the year of mintage. That was not always the case in the past. In fact, many historic US gold coins have special rare versions that differ from the standard version ... Continue reading

Russian Ballerina palladium coins

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The recent market introduction of the American Palladium Eagles is undoubtedly a sign that palladium as a precious metal is becoming more attractive to investors. That’s why it might be interesting for our readers to hear about a historic palladium coin series. The Russian Ballerina palladium coins are not only beautiful to look at but ... Continue reading

Chinese Unicorn Coins

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Most gold coin buyers, no matter whether they buy as collectors or investors or both, have at least heard of the popular Chinese Gold Pandas that have been issued by the China Mint since 1982. However, these beautiful coins that depict various cuddly panda images are not the only Chinese bullion coins that score high in ... Continue reading

Swiss Gold Coins

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An investor who is just starting out to learn about precious metals finds out very quickly that are large number of the most respected gold bar producers are based in the country of Switzerland (for example PAMP Suisse and Valcambi Suisse). Swiss gold coins are however never mentioned when the world’s top gold bullion coins ... Continue reading

The South African Kruger Pond gold coin

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Whereas the South African Gold Krugerrands are known throughout the world, few precious metal investors are aware of the fact that other rare gold coins also bear the likeness of Paul Kruger on their obverse. Even in South Africa, these coins aren’t that well known anymore today. The coin that I’m referring to is known ... Continue reading

Commemorative Chinese Panda coins 2017

August 31, 2017 by Buy-Gold.Link in Rare Coins - 2 Comments

Issuing a commemorative coin to mark a certain coin’s mintage anniversary is a good way to get some publicity for a mint and to earn some extra income. So it is no surprise that that’s exactly what the China Mint did to mark the 35th anniversary of its popular Chinese Panda coins. The coins that ... Continue reading

The United States Mint’s new Liberty Coin Series

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Have you ever wondered which image appears the most often on precious metal bullion coins? The clear winner in that category must be America’s Lady Liberty. Not only did Lady Liberty appear in various ways on a whole range of gold coins that were minted by the United States Mint before 1933 (Liberty Gold Dollars, ... Continue reading

Centennial gold coins 2016

September 13, 2016 by Buy-Gold.Link in Gold, Rare Coins - No Comments

American Gold Eagles are arguably the most well-known gold bullion coins worldwide at this time. The US Mint produced many other bullion coins in the past out of gold and silver that are still in high demand among collectors today. Three such popular silver bullion coins of the past celebrate their 100th anniversary this year. ... Continue reading

Disney Gold Coins

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The design of gold coins is undoubtedly one of the major factors determining their popularity. The most common designs to be seen on gold coins’ obverse and/or reverse sides are a country’s coat of arms, the portraits of kings and queens and other country leaders, animals that are symbolic for the issuing country and even ... Continue reading

Commemorative Olympic Gold Coins

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The Olympic Games are currently on the way in Rio de Janeiro and thousands of athletes from all around the world are striving for a gold, silver or bronze medal. Not every athlete might know that the Olympic gold medals are actually only gold-plated silver medals. However, some of the most respected mints in the ... Continue reading