Queen Elizabeth Memorial Sovereign

November 30, 2022 by Buy-Gold.Link in Coin Series, Gold

The British Gold Sovereign coins that are issued by the British Royal Mint are one of the world’s most popular gold bullion coins. Since 1957, the obverse side of the coins displayed a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II who passed away on September 8th 2022. In her honour, the Royal Mint has issued five special issues of the Queen Elizabeth Memorial Sovereign which will only be available for purchase until December 31st 2022!

The standard reverse design of the British Gold Sovereign coins depicts St. George on a horse in the process of slaying a dragon. In a rare change of design, the five different versions of the Queen Elizabeth Memorial Sovereign depict the UK’s Royal Coat of Arms on their reverse side. The obverse side of these special collectible commemorative coins depicts the new official coinage portrait of King Charles III.

Royal Coat of Arms on the reverse side of the 2022 Queen Elizabeth Memorial Sovereign

Royal Coat of Arms on the reverse side of the 2022 Queen Elizabeth Memorial Sovereign

The commemorative Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Sovereign 2022 is available in five different denominations just like the regular Gold Sovereign bullion coins. However, the Double-Sovereign is issued in two different versions in this special commemorative edition: as a Piedfort coin that can be purchased individually and as a regular-sized Double-Sovereign that can only be purchased as a part of a set. What’s more, of all the 2022 Memorial Sovereign coins that can be purchased individually, only the Quintuple-Sovereign is issued as a brilliant uncirculated coin (with a matt finish) in this collectible edition. It is also issued as a proof coin that is only available as a part of the 5-coin set. The Sovereign, Double-Sovereign (both versions), Quarter-Sovereign and Half-Sovereign will only be available as proof coins.

As it is customary for collectible special coin editions, there are maximum mintage numbers in place for the Queen Elizabeth Memorial Sovereign. These mintage limits are in ascending order: 1,010 coins for the brilliant uncirculated Quintuple-Sovereign, 2,032 coins for the proof Piedfort Double-Sovereign, 6,480 coins for both the proof Quarter-Sovereign and Half-Sovereign and 23,160 coins for the Sovereign. Investors and collectors can order the coins by visiting this page of the Royal Mint’s online store, but only until December 31st 2022. There are also three different sets available: a 3-coin set that includes the Sovereign, Quarter-Sovereign and Half-Sovereign as well as a 4-coin set (+ Double-Sovereign) and 5-coin set (+ Double-Sovereign and Quintuple-Sovereign).

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