Precious Metal Investing

Single Sourced Gold Maple Leafs

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As customers are becoming more aware of environmental and social issues, companies in all areas of business are looking for ways to demonstrate their good and sustainable management as well as corporate responsibility. For bullion producers particularly, it has been difficult to ensure that the precious metals they use don’t come from areas of conflict ... Continue reading

Digital Gold Coin (DGC)

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Whereas digital currencies like Bitcoin are nothing more than lines of computer code that are only valuable due to people’s trust in them, gold and other precious metals have a real tangible value that is the result of their utility. However, digital currencies are of course much easier to trade than physical precious metals. A ... Continue reading

What is Doped Gold?

The word doping is something that people generally associate with professional athletes taking performance-enhancing drugs in order to be more successful in competitions. A recently uncovered scandal about doped gold involving Australia’s esteemed Perth Mint however has nothing to do with sports but instead with corporate greed. In the world of gold bullion refining, doping ... Continue reading

Queen Elizabeth II Bullion Coins

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Due to the recent death of Queen Elizabeth II and the crowning of King Charles III as the new regent of the United Kingdom, it can be expected that the British Royal Mint, Royal Canadian Mint and Australia’s Perth Mint will all make the switch from the late Queen’s official portrait to the new King’s ... Continue reading

US Mint Medals

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When buying physical precious metals, most investors buy either bullion coins or bullion bars. Other options exist though such as bullion jewelry or decorative objects out of bullion quality silver. These will however cost much higher premiums since they are more expensive to produce (and also because of the lower demand for them). Medals, such ... Continue reading

Historic Bullion Coin Value

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The value of contemporary bullion coins mostly depends on their melt value which is determined by multiplying the current spot price of the precious metal with the weight of the coin. On top of the melt value, online coin dealers will typically charge a premium of about 4 percent to 10 percent (or sometimes even ... Continue reading

Digital Palladium

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As already explained in this article on this blog, one of the major drawbacks of cryptocurrency is that it is generally not backed by anything. One of the main benefits of investing in precious metals on the other hand is that their value does not fluctuate nearly as much as that of other assets. Previous ... Continue reading

Collectible Precious Metal Coins

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What distinguishes collectible precious metal coins from ‘regular’ bullion coins? That question is not as easy to answer as it may at first seem since there are several different factors to consider. In simple terms, it is scarcity that makes a coin collectible and distinguishes it from more abundant brilliant uncirculated bullion coins. Such relative ... Continue reading

MintID Bullion

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While counterfeit bullion coins as well as counterfeit bullion bars have always existed, rising spot prices on the precious metal market have made this practice even more lucrative for counterfeiters in recent times. Multiple practices have been adopted by the bullion industry as a safeguard such as the Sunshine Mint‘s Mint Mark SI™ system, micro-engraved ... Continue reading

Offshore Gold Storage

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Most small-scale investors store their purchased precious metals at home. That is certainly a valid option for someone that bought a few gold bullion coins or even some smaller gold bars but it is not an option for large-scale investors though as the risk of theft would simply be too great. Storing gold and other ... Continue reading