Perth Mint’s 125th Anniversary Coins

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The Perth Mint, renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship and rich history in producing high-quality precious metal coins, is celebrating a monumental milestone – its 125th anniversary. This prestigious event is marked by the release of a captivating range of gold, silver, and platinum coins. Each of the Perth Mint’s 125th anniversary coins is of course ... Continue reading

Australian Florin – 2022 Platinum Edition

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Recreations of historic coins are always a great addition to a coin collection, even more so if they are made out of a valuable precious metal like gold, silver, platinum or palladium. In 2022, Australia’s Perth Mint made the unusual choice to re-issue one of the most famous Australian silver coins, the 1910 Australian Florin, ... Continue reading

Royal Canadian Mint Opulence Collection

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Bullion coins and bars are generally not exclusive products since they are produced and sold in large quantities. However, more and more mints are trying to capitalize on the larger profits that exclusive products generate by issuing special limited-edition version of their bullion products. The Royal Canadian Mint Opulence Collection is a newly created special ... Continue reading

Proof Platinum Eagles

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Coin collectors that prefer to collect gold bullion coins with annually changing designs have many options such as the Australian Gold Kangaroos or the Chinese Gold Pandas. The same is true for silver bullion coins. However, not many coin collectors are aware of the fact that there is also a series of platinum bullion coins ... Continue reading

Maple Leaf Forever Platinum Coins

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Previous articles on this blog already introduced the Maple Leaf Forever gold coins as well as the Maple Leaf Forever silver coins. There is however one more component of the “Maple Leaf Forever” series and these are the Maple Leaf Forever platinum coins that the Royal Canadian Mint began issuing in 2012. These collectible proof ... Continue reading

Bermuda Shipwreck coin series

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Collecting precious metal coins from exotic countries is one of the joys of many numismatists worldwide. The appeal for collectors of such exotic coins is enhanced by such factors as scarcity, an unusual shape and/or design of the coins, selective coloring of design elements, the use of rare metals such as black rhodium etc. Among ... Continue reading

Bimetallic Gold & Platinum Coins

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When most coin collectors think of bimetallic coins, it is of course bimetallic coins out of gold and silver that come to mind first. However, that is not the only precious metal combination that can be found in a bimetallic coin. One other existing type of bimetallic precious metal coins are bimetallic gold & platinum ... Continue reading

Proof American Platinum Eagles 2020

February 29, 2020 by Buy-Gold.Link in Coin Series, Platinum - No Comments

Collecting coins that have an annually changing design is getting more and more popular with collectors worldwide. The Australian Gold Kangaroo coins as well as the Chinese Gold Pandas have been especially popular in this regard. However, it is not only gold coins that can be attractive for coin collectors because of their changing design. ... Continue reading

Why buy Platinum?

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When reading articles online that deal with investing in precious metals, almost all of them focus on gold and/or silver. However, most precious metals dealers online also offer platinum and palladium bullion products, yet few investors are well informed about investing in these metals. This month, Buy-Gold.Link will publish two articles that will deal with ... Continue reading