The Perth Mint Exhibition

May 15, 2019 by Buy-Gold.Link in Minting Institutions

For anyone that loves coins, visiting a mint is a special and memorable experience. Industrial tourism has been increasing in popularity for a long time and visitors from all over the world come to see how their favorite car is manufactured or how their favorite beer is brewed. More and more minting institutions have also come to realize that offering an appealing tour of their premises is very good for business. Two mints especially have elevated their factory visit to the status of event tourism, Britain’s Royal Mint with the Royal Mint Experience and Australia’s Perth Mint with the Perth Mint Exhibition.

The Perth Mint Exhibition includes a tour of the mint’s grand heritage building as well as the mint’s secured vaults and melting house. It is advisable that visitors book the tour in advance and that can conveniently be done online by using this link. With a price of 19 AUD per person, a tour of the Perth Mint’s facilities is certainly not cheap but the highlight of the 60 min tour makes it worth that price anyhow.

View a live gold pour at the Perth Mint Exhibition!

The live gold pour that you will see at the mint’s melting house (that was built all the way back in the year 1899) is probably a unique experience in the world. At least I don’t know any other mint in the world that lets its visitors see how gold is heated until it turns liquid and then poured into the shape of a gold bar. Please comment below if you know any other mint in the world where you can see a live gold pour.

The 2nd amazing thing that you will see in the Perth Mint Exhibition is the world’s largest and most valuable coin, a 99.99% pure gold coin with a massive weight of one metric tonne! When you stand in front of this gigantic one tonne Australian Kangaroo gold coin, you will be amazed at its size (diameter of 80 cm and 13 cm in thickness) and feel like a millionaire for a moment! The stunning coin that is worth more than $60 million is showcased on a revolving platform so you have to wait for the right moment to take your selfie in front of it.

When visiting Perth, consider including the Perth Mint Exhibition in your itinerary

When visiting Perth, consider including the Perth Mint Exhibition in your itinerary

When going on a guided tour at the Perth Mint Exhibition, you will not only see amazing things but also hear amazing stories about Western Australia’s history as it relates to gold prospecting. You will also hear more about the groundbreaking bullion products that the Perth Mint has issued over the years. Many of these bullion products are also on display as exhibits at the gold exhibition. The exhibition uses the latest audio visual technology and lets its visitors handle more than $700,000 worth of gold bullion. A number of natural gold nuggets that were unearthed in Australia are on display as well.

Visitors that want to acquire a unique souvenir that will forever remind them of their visit of the Perth Mint Exhibition can engrave their own medallion with a special message. Different types of medallions are available for selection and prices for this special kind of souvenir start with only 17 AUD!

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