Cook Islands Palladium Coin

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In the world of precious metals, diversity is a prized aspect. Investors and collectors seek not only the intrinsic value of these metals but also the artistry and uniqueness encapsulated within each piece. Among these treasures is the 1 ounce Cook Islands palladium coin that was minted in 2009, a stunning creation that marries the ... Continue reading

Digital Palladium

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As already explained in this article on this blog, one of the major drawbacks of cryptocurrency is that it is generally not backed by anything. One of the main benefits of investing in precious metals on the other hand is that their value does not fluctuate nearly as much as that of other assets. Previous ... Continue reading

Collectible American Palladium Eagles

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As the most recent addition to the American Eagle bullion coin program, the American Palladium Eagles were only introduced to the market in 2017. That first year, a total of 15,000 brilliant uncirculated bullion coins were released by the US Mint. Since then, a regular bullion version of the coins was only released once more, ... Continue reading

The World’s First Palladium Coins

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Palladium is an often overlooked precious metal that more and more investors are considering to add to their portfolio these days. Even though the spot price of palladium has increased a lot in recent years, many precious metal investors are not even aware that it is possible to buy the metal in the form of ... Continue reading

Palladium Eagles – reverse proof edition

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Whereas most investors rightfully stick to buying brilliant uncirculated bullion coins, many collectors prefer proof coins with their more accentuated contrast between the frosted design elements and a polished mirrorlike background. Now, the US Mint has issued reverse proof coins out of palladium, the 2019-W $25 American Palladium Eagles, that can perhaps be regarded as ... Continue reading

Russian Ballerina palladium coins

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The recent market introduction of the American Palladium Eagles is undoubtedly a sign that palladium as a precious metal is becoming more attractive to investors. That’s why it might be interesting for our readers to hear about a historic palladium coin series. The Russian Ballerina palladium coins are not only beautiful to look at but ... Continue reading

Why buy Palladium?

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The last blog article focused on why you should buy platinum. This article will be another precious metal that actually has many things in common with platinum. That metal is palladium. It is silver white in color and known for its high density. “Why buy palladium?” is the question that I will attempt to answer ... Continue reading