50th Anniversary South African Krugerrands

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Which contemporary gold bullion coin is the most traded (and most widely owned) worldwide even 50 years after its inception? That distinction belongs to the 22 karat South African Krugerrand coins that experts estimate have been traded 60 million times since they were first introduced in 1967. The 50th Anniversary South African Krugerrands that are issued in ... Continue reading

2017 Gold Sovereign’s 200th Anniversary

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Have you ever wondered which contemporary gold bullion coin can look back upon the longest history? That distinction goes to the British Gold Sovereign that will celebrate its 200th anniversary in 2017. The original Sovereign even goes as far back as 1489 when a thus-named coin was struck under the reign of King Henry VII. ... Continue reading

New 2017 Gold Coins

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Since gold bullion coins are dated like circulation coins, many gold coin collectors are looking forward to the latest issue of their favorite gold coins. On most new 2017 gold coins, the only thing that will be different compared to 2016 is the changed date. There are however some renowned gold bullion coin series that ... Continue reading

Finnish Gold Coins

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For a long time, the gold bullion coin market has been dominated by famous mints like Britain’s Royal Mint or the US Mint. Now it seems that more and more smaller government mints are stepping up their efforts to produce gold coins. India for example seems to have great success with it’s recently issued Indian ... Continue reading

The Queen’s Beasts coin series

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It is generally quite rare that an established mint decides to issue a new bullion coin series. Most of the flagship coins in the bullion market can look back on a decades long history. So it must have been a delight for coin collectors (and investors looking for new investment options) worldwide when Britain’s renowned ... Continue reading

How gold coins are made

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Many people enjoy the intricate details of a beautifully crafted gold coin such as the Canadian Call of the Wild gold coins. However, many details about the manufacturing process of gold coins are actually unknown to most people. This short article will explain how gold coins are made. The process starts with the melting of ... Continue reading

History of Gold Bars

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Have you ever wondered about the history of gold bars? When we think about gold bars these days, it’s usually the large brick-shaped gold bars that we saw in some movie that come to mind. These standardized bars that weigh 400 oz each are mostly used by banks or other financial institutions and very few ... Continue reading

Red Spots on Gold Coins

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Compared to other metals like copper, gold coins and bars withstand time quite well. However, there are also some issues relating to the “aging” of gold that need to be considered. One such issue is the appearance of red spots on gold coins after some time. These red spots appear where there are higher concentrations ... Continue reading

The Indian Gold Coin

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The Indian Gold coin has been making headlines in recent times. It is actually quite rare that a new gold coin enters the top league of gold bullion coins worldwide. It is even rarer for a gold coin from a yet not so renowned minting institution to make a push into that realm. The last ... Continue reading

Centennial gold coins 2016

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American Gold Eagles are arguably the most well-known gold bullion coins worldwide at this time. The US Mint produced many other bullion coins in the past out of gold and silver that are still in high demand among collectors today. Three such popular silver bullion coins of the past celebrate their 100th anniversary this year. ... Continue reading