Bermuda Shipwreck coin series

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Collecting precious metal coins from exotic countries is one of the joys of many numismatists worldwide. The appeal for collectors of such exotic coins is enhanced by such factors as scarcity, an unusual shape and/or design of the coins, selective coloring of design elements, the use of rare metals such as black rhodium etc. Among ... Continue reading

2021 American Eagle Type 2 Coins

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Apart from the few gold and silver bullion coins that change their reverse design each year like the Australian Gold Kangaroo coins or the Chinese Gold Pandas and Silver Pandas, it is highly unusual for a long-running bullion coin series to make a change to its design. The US Mint however has decided to do ... Continue reading

The Japanese Gold Koban

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If you have read our recent blog article about the Japanese Gold Oban, you may be able to guess that the Japanese Gold Koban must be a similar ancient coin from feudal Japan. That is indeed the case and you may consider these two types of ancient Japanese gold coins as sort-of relatives. The essential ... Continue reading

Nickel-plated silver coins

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As private and government mints constantly try to find new ways to attract buyers for their numismatic precious metal coins, there are always new trends emerging. One of these is the plating of silver coins with rare and seemingly exotic precious metals such as rhodium. While black rhodium-plating certainly gives numismatic silver coins a more ... Continue reading

Diamond Standard Coins

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Whereas gold, silver and other precious metal bullion coins are traded as commodities worldwide and have a constantly fluctuating spot price, the same is not the case for diamonds. Their value cannot be standardized in the same way, at least not until now, since diamonds don’t only vary in size (carat) but also in color, ... Continue reading

The Japanese Gold Oban

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Most coin collectors have probably never heard of the Japanese Gold Oban. That is not really surprising since these oval gold plate coins (the Japanese word ‘Oban’ means ‘big plate’) were minted a really long time ago in Imperial Japan and never in large quantities. Many people may have seen an image of such an ... Continue reading

Queen’s Beasts Completer Coin

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I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought that the Royal Mint‘s series of Queen’s Beast gold coins and Queen’s Beast silver coins had ended in September 2020 with the White Greyhound of Richmond issue. Even though all ten heraldic beasts had already individually appeared on the reverse of a coin issue by then, ... Continue reading

Philippine Silver Pesos

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Many coin collectors these days would be surprised if they obtained a coin that shows the image of a shield with the US stars and stripes (a symbol that has appeared on lots of different US coinage) as well as a reference to the country of the Philippines. Nowadays a lesser-known part of US history ... Continue reading

Offshore Gold Storage

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Most small-scale investors store their purchased precious metals at home. That is certainly a valid option for someone that bought a few gold bullion coins or even some smaller gold bars but it is not an option for large-scale investors though as the risk of theft would simply be too great. Storing gold and other ... Continue reading

Bimetallic Gold & Platinum Coins

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When most coin collectors think of bimetallic coins, it is of course bimetallic coins out of gold and silver that come to mind first. However, that is not the only precious metal combination that can be found in a bimetallic coin. One other existing type of bimetallic precious metal coins are bimetallic gold & platinum ... Continue reading