Cook Islands Wildlife Conservation Coins

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Many previous articles on this blog already introduced exotic precious metal coins such as the articles about Myanmar gold coins or Zimbabwean gold coins. This article will be another edition to this series of articles about exotic coins as it attempts to introduce the Cook Islands Wildlife Conservation Coins. This coin series consists of three ... Continue reading

Beijing 2022 Gold and Silver Coins

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In previous articles, this blog already introduced Olympic Gold Medals as well as commemorative Olympic gold coins. Even though the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games are already history, it might interest some readers to know that special gold and silver coins were produced and issued for these Olympic Games as well. These Beijing 2022 gold and ... Continue reading

Australian Florin – 2022 Platinum Edition

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Recreations of historic coins are always a great addition to a coin collection, even more so if they are made out of a valuable precious metal like gold, silver, platinum or palladium. In 2022, Australia’s Perth Mint made the unusual choice to re-issue one of the most famous Australian silver coins, the 1910 Australian Florin, ... Continue reading

Spanish Gold Coins

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With major economies in decline and inflation devaluing currencies, it is no surprise that gold is becoming increasingly popular with investors. Many countries that until recently only rarely issued gold coins have increased their production and this trend can be expected to continue. Even though Spanish gold coins were very important in history, the modern ... Continue reading

Australian Antarctic Territory Series

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Previous articles on this blog already introduced the Royal Australian Mint as well as some of its collectible bullion coin series like the Australian Shipwreck coins. As the mint is always trying to step out of the shadow of its national competitor, the much more famous Perth Mint, it is known to frequently launch new ... Continue reading

What is Doped Gold?

The word doping is something that people generally associate with professional athletes taking performance-enhancing drugs in order to be more successful in competitions. A recently uncovered scandal about doped gold involving Australia’s esteemed Perth Mint however has nothing to do with sports but instead with corporate greed. In the world of gold bullion refining, doping ... Continue reading

Unusual 24 Karat Gold Items

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Many people think that gold bullion coins and gold bars are the only things out of 24 karat gold that can be purchased. That is not the case though as previous articles on this blog about 24 karat gold necklaces as well as 24 karat gold watches have shown. This article now will introduce some ... Continue reading

Treasured Maple Leaf Coins

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As a general rule, precious metal bullion coins are available for much lower premiums than collectible coins of the same precious metal purity. The main reason for that is that bullion coins are produced in much higher quantities. Obviously, mints have an interest to sell at least a portion of their bullion coins with higher ... Continue reading

Austria’s Unsung Heroines Coin Series

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Many coins depict portraits of famous people that left their mark in history. Even though there are generally more portraits of male heroes, quite a few female heroes can be seen on precious metal bullion coins as well. These are mythical heroes though like Lady Britannia which appears on the British Gold Britannias or Lady ... Continue reading

Queen Elizabeth II Bullion Coins

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Due to the recent death of Queen Elizabeth II and the crowning of King Charles III as the new regent of the United Kingdom, it can be expected that the British Royal Mint, Royal Canadian Mint and Australia’s Perth Mint will all make the switch from the late Queen’s official portrait to the new King’s ... Continue reading