20 Lire Italian Gold Coins

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The 20 Lire Italian gold coins, affectionately known as “marenghi,” hold a rich historical significance as they were issued from 1862 until 1927. These 90% pure historic gold bullion coins, minted during a pivotal period in Italian history, are revered not only for their numismatic value but also for their captivating design. On the obverse ... Continue reading

Tokelau Bullion Coins

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Even some small and tiny nations that most people have never even heard of produce precious metal bullion coins these days. That is easier as it may seem at first glance since nations that don’t have a national mint or whose national mint lacks the technological expertise to produce such coins can always outsource the ... Continue reading

Single Sourced Gold Maple Leafs

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As customers are becoming more aware of environmental and social issues, companies in all areas of business are looking for ways to demonstrate their good and sustainable management as well as corporate responsibility. For bullion producers particularly, it has been difficult to ensure that the precious metals they use don’t come from areas of conflict ... Continue reading

Vatican Gold Coins

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Most people would never expect a micro-nation like the Vatican City to issue precious metal coins. Yet, such coins have been issued by papal mints since about the 8th century during medieval times. The latest in a series of Vatican gold coins was just issued earlier this year, a 91.7% pure gold coin of 30 ... Continue reading

Coin Art: The Crown Coin

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When you google the term ‘coin art’, you will quickly discover a myriad of ideas to use your old coins to make works of art. However, it is rare for valuable precious metal coins to be used for such a purpose. Due to their low price and ready availability, junk silver coins might be suitable ... Continue reading

Congo Silverback Gorilla Coins

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Even though the collection of exotic precious metal coins such as the Congo Silverback Gorilla coins that are introduced in this article is a popular hobby among coin collectors, it does not come without its risk. For one, it is often difficult to ascertain the genuineness of such coins that are usually produced by mints ... Continue reading

Digital Gold Coin (DGC)

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Whereas digital currencies like Bitcoin are nothing more than lines of computer code that are only valuable due to people’s trust in them, gold and other precious metals have a real tangible value that is the result of their utility. However, digital currencies are of course much easier to trade than physical precious metals. A ... Continue reading

Australian Dolphin Series

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Many previous articles on this blog such as this one about the Australian Shipwreck series already introduced some of the collectible coin series that are issued by the Royal Australian Mint. The Australian Dolphin series is another such coin series that is made up of both 99.99% pure gold coins and 99.9% pure silver coins. ... Continue reading

Macau Lunar Coin Series

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It can be argued that Chinese New Year/Lunar coins are one of the most popular types of coin series that exist. Many renowned government mints such as Australia’s Perth Mint and Britain’s Royal Mint have issued Lunar coins out of precious metals for decades now. The Macau Lunar coin series is a fairly obscure coin ... Continue reading

Maltese Cross Silver Coins

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Whereas portraits of famous historical figures as well as images of real and imaginary animals are most commonly used in the design of precious metal coins, it is also fairly common for coins to display certain iconic symbols, albeit mostly on the obverse side of the coins. One of the most famous historic symbols, the ... Continue reading