Commemorative Olympic Gold Coins

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The Olympic Games are currently on the way in Rio de Janeiro and thousands of athletes from all around the world are striving for a gold, silver or bronze medal. Not every athlete might know that the Olympic gold medals are actually only gold-plated silver medals. However, some of the most respected mints in the ... Continue reading

Best-selling Gold Coins 2015

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Considering that there are so many gold bullion coins available, maybe some of you have wondered which ones were the best-selling gold coins in 2015. In fact, the question is not that easy to answer since the manufacturing mints are generally not that quick to publish mintage numbers. There is often a gap of a ... Continue reading

Counterfeit Gold Coins

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On June 9th, Buy-Gold.Link published an article on this blog informing gold investors about the existence of counterfeit gold bars. This previous article only focused on counterfeit gold bars and did not mention counterfeit gold coins at all. Such counterfeit gold coins have apparently been spotted at markets in Hong Kong and on the Chinese ... Continue reading

Gold Bullion vs. ‘normal’ money

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Most of the things we use every day like computers, cellphones and so on, we have a least some cursory knowledge of. We know not only how to use them, but maybe even where, how and by whom they are made. Even some respected producers of gold bullion like the US Mint are relatively well ... Continue reading

Counterfeit Gold Bars

June 9, 2016 by Buy-Gold.Link in Bullion Bars, Gold, Precious Metal Investing - 1 Comment

When we think of counterfeit goods, things like fake Gucci bags, fake-branded T-shirts and shoes at an open-air market in Thailand, iPhone imitations from China and so on usually come to mind. Of course, there is also counterfeit money (e.g. North Korea used to be good at producing fake Dollars), but who has ever heard ... Continue reading

Rare Gold Coins – King Otto Marks

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Rare gold coins don’t have a special section on the Buy-Gold.Link website yet. For now, the site focuses on introducing the most common gold bullion coins. If you’re American, you probably heard of American Gold Eagles many times before. American Gold Buffaloes are still much less known however, even though they are made out of ... Continue reading

Gold dealer choices

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Searching options where to invest your hard earned money or maybe you are already looking for a gold dealer? It is well known that gold is considered a safe haven in times of economic turmoil as the price of gold tends to rise when shares and bonds tumble. When I say gold, of course I ... Continue reading

What is a Gold IRA?

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A Gold IRA is a kind of Individual Retirement Account wherein physical gold or other IRS-approved precious metals like silver, palladium or platinum are held in trusteeship for the IRA owner’s benefit. This works in the same way as a regular IRA, only that it holds precious metal bullion bars or coins instead of paper-based ... Continue reading

Gold Coins with Iconic Imagery

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Coins became precious and rare collectibles because they speak volumes through the ages. It is not only their material value that matters but also the history and diverse knowledge they hold. With gold coins, there is a fascinating blend of precious metal and iconic imagery that adds interesting layers. Lady Liberty on American Gold Eagles ... Continue reading

Invest in Gold in 2016

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More and more advertisements touting gold as an investment seem to pop up these days on TV, radio and especially the internet. Financial advisors have recommended investors for years to diversify their portfolios by holding about 10 % of their financial assets in gold as a way to hedge against economic uncertainty as well as ... Continue reading