Maltese Cross Silver Coins

June 30, 2023 by Buy-Gold.Link in Coin Series, Exotic Coins, Silver

Whereas portraits of famous historical figures as well as images of real and imaginary animals are most commonly used in the design of precious metal coins, it is also fairly common for coins to display certain iconic symbols, albeit mostly on the obverse side of the coins. One of the most famous historic symbols, the Maltese Cross, will now appear on the Maltese Cross silver coins that the small European island nation of Malta has just begun to issue for the first time.

The new 99.99% pure silver coins will be produced without a mintage limit as brilliant uncirculated coins according to the current market demand. Given high enough demand, it is therefore possible for the Maltese Cross silver coins to establish themselves as one of the world’s major silver bullion coins over the next couple of years.

obverse side design of the new Maltese Cross silver coins

obverse side design of the new Maltese Cross silver coins

In history, the Maltese Cross is commonly associated with the Knights of Malta and the eight points on the cross were meant to remind the knights of the aspirations and obligations outlined in the public vows of their order. The intricately designed cross on the obverse side is surrounded by radial lines that are meant to prevent counterfeiting. The 99.99% silver purity of the coins, 1 oz silver weight, issuing country and year of mintage also appear on the obverse.

Malta’s official coat of arms is depicted on the reverse side of the Maltese Cross silver coins. The 5 Euro denomination appears underneath that image and the name of the official issuing authority, the Central Bank of Malta, appears above it. Even though the coins are issued by the small island nation of Malta, they were minted by the Pressburg Mint, a private mint in Slovakia‘s capital city Bratislava. The coins can be directly ordered on this page of the Pressburg Mint’s webshop and shipping is available worldwide!

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