10,000 yen Japanese gold coins

May 31, 2019 by Buy-Gold.Link in Exotic Coins, Gold

Most buyers of gold coins are aware of China’s leading position in the precious metal coin market. Not only does China issue a perennial favorite with its Chinese Gold Panda and Chinese Silver Panda coins but it also regularly issues stunning commemorative precious metal coins like its annual editions of the Chinese Lunar coins. On the other hand, the bullion products of the government mints from Japan and South Korea rarely capture the attention of precious metal investors. In the case of Japan, that situation might change soon when a limited edition of 10,000 yen Japanese gold coins will go on sale on July 11.

design of both sides of the 10,000 yen Japanese gold coins

design of both sides of the 10,000 yen Japanese gold coins

The coins that are 2.8 cm in diameter and 20 grams in weight are dedicated to the enthronement of the new Japanese emperor Naruhito who just recently ascended the throne (on the 1st of May 2019) following the abdication of his father Emperor Akihito. For this reason, the design of the coin includes themes that are related to the Japanese imperial family. A depiction of the imperial family’s chrysanthemum flower seal and the oshirushi signature mark (Naruhito’s Japanese cherry birch and Empress Masako‘s rugosa rose) can be seen on the reverse side of the coins whereas the image of a phoenix along with auspicious clouds are featured on the obverse. (Each member of the Japanese imperial family has a personal oshirushi signature mark that is used to mark personal belongings.)

Only 50,000 such gold coins will become available for purchase on July 11. The Japan Mint will post the details on how to order the coins on its website the day before at 5 pm. Of the mintage total, 20,000 such Japanese gold coins will be available for individual purchase whereas the remaining 30,000 coins will only be available as a part of a 2-coin set that also includes a 500 Yen copper coin that is designed to commemorate Emperor Naruhito’s enthronement as well (the copper coins are also available individually).

I’m sure these special Japanese gold coins that have an official face value of 10,000 yen will sell out quickly so order yours on July 11 if you can. The price per coin has already been set at 140,555 yen (tax included). Strangely, in the announcement of the coins by the Japanese Ministry of Finance, the exact purity of the gold coins is not mentioned. All it says is “pure gold”. Whether that means 99.9% or 99.99% or even 99.999% purity therefore remains to be seen.

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