Somalian Elephant Gold Coins

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As a generalization, one might say that the precious metal coin market is dominated by the government mints of some of the most developed nations in the world like the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom and the emerging superpower China. Granted, some mints from developing countries also play a major role like the South ... Continue reading

Gold Reichsmark

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It is always fun for a collector of precious metal coins to obtain historic coins, even more so if they are from a country that no longer exists at all or at least not in the same form. In today’s blog article, I’d like to introduce a type of historic gold coin that was minted ... Continue reading

The Rarest Gold Coin

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Have you ever wondered what the rarest gold coin is? With that I mean a gold coin that was actually in circulation and not just a pattern coin. For pattern coins it is after all not unusual that only a few specimens exist. However, the gold coin that I want to introduce today must have ... Continue reading

Gold Purity Guide

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One of the most important concepts that a beginning precious metal investor has to learn is how the gold purity of coins, bars and jewelry is classified. Absolute purity of 100% can only be achieved theoretically under laboratory conditions. What’s more, it is not at all the case that higher gold purity is always better. ... Continue reading

Philippine Gold Coins

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If you are a numismatic collector of gold coins, you are probably always looking for ways to diversify your collection. One possibility to do so is to buy coins from a country that is not so well-known for producing gold coins. Quite some time ago, Buy-Gold.Link already published articles about Swiss gold coins and Finnish ... Continue reading

Colonial US gold coins

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At a time when “quantitative easing” is a common measure to increase the money supply, when banks create new money out of thin air through lending, when the US national debt is steadily increasing and when paper currency is no longer backed by anything (like it was during the time of the gold standard), it ... Continue reading

The US Mint’s Commemorative Arts Medals

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Few precious metal investors are aware of the fact that the United States Mint ran another gold bullion program before the first American Gold Eagles came out in 1986. The reason for this is probably that the 10 different items that the US Mint released between 1980 and 1984 were not gold coins but gold ... Continue reading

Diamond Gold Coins

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If you buy gold bullion coins for the purpose of investment, it is best to stick to the regular brilliant uncirculated coins as their premiums are generally the lowest. If you buy proof coins, you will already have to pay an additional collectibility premium. That is fine for numismatists but not for investors who want ... Continue reading

Gold Bullion Jewelry

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Few gold buyers are familiar with the idea of buying gold bullion jewelry. When buying gold bullion, smaller investors usually prefer to buy gold coins whereas larger-scale (and especially institutional investors like banks, funds etc.) investors tend to prefer gold bars. The reason for this is simple. It costs more to produce small gold bars ... Continue reading

Olympic Gold Medals

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When people think of gold medals as opposed to gold coins, the Olympic gold medals usually come to mind first. However, it has been quite a long time that the gold medals for the winners of the Olympic sports events were made out of solid gold. More on that later in the article. At the ... Continue reading