Enhanced Reverse Proof American Silver Eagles

November 14, 2019 by Buy-Gold.Link in Coin Knowledge, Coin Series, Silver

After just recently issuing a reverse proof version of one of its flagship coins, the US Mint is now taking things one step further. Whereas the reverse proof Palladium Eagles that were issued this September feature a ‘regular’ reverse proof finish, the leading mint will release 1 oz American Silver Eagles with an enhanced reverse proof finish today. The coins go on sale at noon Eastern Time today for a price of USD 65.95 per coin (order limit: 1 coin per household). Only 30,000 such coins exist and they are likely to sell out fast, so order yours while supplies still last.

Many readers might be wondering what exactly an enhanced proof finish is. I had also never heard about it before. As you probably already know, a standard proof finish has its design elements frosted and its unadorned background fields mirror-polished. With a reverse proof coin, that concept is reversed and the background appears frosted whereas the design elements are polished. Now, an enhanced proof finish takes things to another level by selectively applying frosting and polishing to different isolated parts of the coin’s design in an effort to achieve the maximum standout effect. The background however appears frosted like on a standard reverse proof coin.

obverse side of the 2019 1 oz enhanced reverse proof American Silver Eagles

obverse side of the 2019 1 oz enhanced reverse proof American Silver Eagles

Specifically, the coin displays four different levels of frosting on its design elements. There is light frosting, light plus frosting, standard frosting and heavy frosting. Since many of the features of the core design of Lady Liberty on the obverse as well as the eagle on the reverse display some level of frosting, the proof polish that would be used for all design elements on a ‘standard’ reverse proof coin is reserved for the coin’s lettering and some auxiliary design features like the sun and the stars on these enhanced reverse proof American Silver Eagles.

Finally, I want to mention an added incentive to order the reverse proof American Silver Eagles as soon as they become available online at noon Eastern Time today on this webpage. Each coin will be accompanied by a serial-numbered certificate of authenticity and the current Director of the United States Mint David J. Ryder plans to personally autograph the first 100 certificates. I fully expect the first 100 coins to sell within minutes of becoming available so you’ll have to act fast to avail yourself of this perk!

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