Best-selling Gold Coins 2015

July 28, 2016 by Buy-Gold.Link in Gold

Considering that there are so many gold bullion coins available, maybe some of you have wondered which ones were the best-selling gold coins in 2015. In fact, the question is not that easy to answer since the manufacturing mints are generally not that quick to publish mintage numbers. There is often a gap of a few years between the current year and when the mintage numbers for that year will be published.

The 3 best-selling gold coins 2015

The most likely best-selling gold coin 2015 were the American Gold Eagles. According to information I found online, 97,000 ounces of American Gold Eagle coins were sold in the month of November alone. That was 185 % more than in October 2015 and 62 % more than the previous year. As a result, American Eagle gold bullion coins with the date 2015 were already nearly sold out by the end of November. The only denomination that was still available with the 2015 date were 1/2 oz coins. The 1 oz, 1/4 oz and 1/10 oz American Gold Eagles had already sold their entire 2015 mintage and the US Mint announced that no additional coins would be minted. Altogether, combined sales of American Gold Eagles and American Gold Buffaloes were estimated at 1,709,200 troy ounces for 2015. Sales for American Silver Eagles were up considerably as well by the way.

Canadian Gold Maple Leafs are among the best-selling gold coins 2015,

although vulnerable to scratches, Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins were the 2nd best-selling gold coins 2015

In the ranking of the best-selling gold coins for 2015, the 2nd place probably goes to the Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins. The Royal Canadian Mint estimated a total issue of 953,000 troy ounces of the popular coins. Canadian Gold Maple Leafs have often been criticized for easily getting scratched which is perhaps unavoidable with a 99.99% pure gold coin. Gold is a soft metal and gold coins with such high purity as the Gold Maple Leafs are not suitable for stacking one coin on top of the other. It is much better to keep each Gold Maple Leaf coin safely encapsulated. However, even mint-fresh Gold Maple Leafs have been known to have scratch and/or stacking marks.

Finally, the 3rd best-selling gold coin 2015 most likely were the Austrian Philharmonic gold coins. The Austrian Mint estimated that 756,200 troy ounces of the coins (that are Europe’s best-selling gold coins) were sold during that year.

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