Australian Florin – 2022 Platinum Edition

May 15, 2023 by Buy-Gold.Link in Platinum, Rare Coins

Recreations of historic coins are always a great addition to a coin collection, even more so if they are made out of a valuable precious metal like gold, silver, platinum or palladium. In 2022, Australia’s Perth Mint made the unusual choice to re-issue one of the most famous Australian silver coins, the 1910 Australian Florin, as a commemorative 1/4 oz platinum coin.

Even though the choice to change the commemorative edition of a historic coin from one type of precious metal to another seems odd, the gamble worked out for the mint as the coins sold out. Having chosen to sell them through an exclusive distributor, the Birch Gold Group, must certainly have helped but given the limited choice of different platinum bullion coins, it can be assumed that the commemorative 2022 Platinum Edition of the historic Australian Florin silver coins would have sold out in any case, no matter how it was marketed.

Whereas the image of King Edward VII was depicted on the obverse side of the historic Australian Florin, it’s Queen Elizabeth II that can be seen on the 2022 commemorative platinum re-issue of the coins. The reverse side of the newly issued coins is 100 percent identical with the historic original from 1910 though. Depicted is the first Australian Commonwealth Coat of Arms that was in official use from 1908 until 1912.

reverse side of the Perth Mint commemorative 1/4 oz Australian Florin platinum coins that were issued in 2022

reverse side of the Perth Mint’s commemorative 1/4 oz Australian Florin platinum coins that were issued in 2022

The design consists of a kangaroo and an emu holding a shield underneath a large seven-pointed star which symbolizes the Australian Federation of States. The shield bears the Cross of St. George along with five six-pointed stars and six ornamental escutcheons. The original year of mintage 1910 appears above the bottom border of the coin underneath a banner with the words ADVANCE AUSTRALIA. The original denomination “ONE FLORIN – TWO SHILLINGS” surrounds the central reverse design from one side to the other.

If you are interested in buying one of these commemorative 99.95% pure 1/4 oz Australian Florin platinum coins now, contact the Birch Gold Group under the phone number that is listed at the bottom of the linked product page. The same dealer also was the exclusive distributor of 99.99% pure 2 oz Australian Silver Florin and 1/4 oz Australian Gold Florin coins in 2021.

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