Australian Dolphin Series

July 31, 2023 by Buy-Gold.Link in Coin Series, Gold, Silver

Many previous articles on this blog such as this one about the Australian Shipwreck series already introduced some of the collectible coin series that are issued by the Royal Australian Mint. The Australian Dolphin series is another such coin series that is made up of both 99.99% pure gold coins and 99.9% pure silver coins. It started back in 2019 and has seen a new release with a different dolphin design in each year since then.

The inaugural 2019 release of the coins of the Australian Dolphin series depicted a bottlenose dolphin jumping out of the sea on the reverse side. Mintage of these collectible 1 oz gold coins was severely limited to only 250 pieces. The 1 oz silver coins that bear the same design were much easier to obtain though as their mintage limit was set at 25,000 pieces.

dolphin design of the inaugural 2019 issue of the Royal Australian Mint Australian Dolphin Series

dolphin design of the inaugural 2019 issue of the Royal Australian Mint’s Australian Dolphin Series

Mintage numbers of the 2023 coins of the Australian Dolphin series are still the same as they were when the coin series was launched back in 2019. The 2023 coins depict the image of a dolphin species that is famous for its unusual teeth and that have thus been named as rough-toothed dolphins. That species name also appears on the reverse side of the coins above the dolphin image.

All five coin issues of the Australian Dolphin series depict the image of Queen Elizabeth II on their obverse side as is customary for Australian coins. It is quite likely though that a switch will be made at some point, perhaps already for the 2024 edition of the coins, to display the image of King Charles on the obverse.

Precious metal investors as well as collectors that are interested in buying the latest 2023 coins of this series can do so by visiting the Royal Australian Mint’s eShop. Both the 1 oz gold coins and the 1 oz silver coins are listed in it but you’ll have to inquire with them to find out the current prices.

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