20 Lire Italian Gold Coins

November 15, 2023 by Buy-Gold.Link in Gold

The 20 Lire Italian gold coins, affectionately known as “marenghi,” hold a rich historical significance as they were issued from 1862 until 1927. These 90% pure historic gold bullion coins, minted during a pivotal period in Italian history, are revered not only for their numismatic value but also for their captivating design.

On the obverse side of the marenghi, one is greeted by a majestic portrait of the reigning monarch of the time. Over the years, this featured the likenesses of notable figures like Victor Emmanuel II, Umberto I, and Victor Emmanuel III. The intricate detailing in the engraving captures the regality and essence of the era, reflecting the political and cultural climate of Italy during each monarch’s rule. The year of mintage also appears on the obverse side of the coins.

reverse side of the historic 20 Lire Italian gold coins

reverse side of the historic 20 Lire Italian gold coins

The reverse side of these Italian gold coins is adorned with a rendition of the iconic Savoy shield, embodying the heraldic symbols of the House of Savoy, the ruling dynasty during this period. Surrounding the shield, one finds a wreath and the coin’s denomination, “L 20,” elegantly inscribed. The design is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship of the Italian mint, showcasing a blend of artistic finesse and historical significance.

In terms of specifications, the 20 Lire Italian gold coins weigh approximately 0.1867 oz and measure 21.5 mm in diameter and 1.3 mm in thickness. What makes them truly precious is their gold purity, boasting a composition of 90% gold. This high gold content enhances their intrinsic value and makes them coveted among collectors and investors alike.

The issuance of these coins spanned a time of significant political and social transformation in Italy, adding layers of historical importance to their already impressive numismatic qualities. Today, the marenghi stand as tangible artifacts, connecting enthusiasts with a bygone era of Italian history, where craftsmanship and monarchy converged in the form of these exquisite 20 Lire gold coins.

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