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When reading the information below, please bear in mind that the gold dealer BGASC can change its sales conditions at any time. Even though we will make every effort to reflect up-to-date information, we cannot guarantee the accuracy, reliability, completeness or timeliness of the information contained underneath. This website is not responsible or liable in any way for the actions of its readers.

Buy Gold And Silver Coins

BGASC is a corporation in the United States of America, based in Calabasas (California). It offers precious metal bullion coins, bars and rounds out of gold, silver, platinum and copper. BGASC also sells other metal coins that have numismatic value as well as commemorative coins and coin storage and handling supplies. Secure vault storage of the purchased precious metals is not offered and all orders will be shipped directly to the customer. They will not be held on account and paper metal investments are not offered.


BGASC doesn't charge any commissions, service charges or other hidden fees. Customers just pay the listed product prices plus eventual shipping charges (shipping is free when ordering $250 or more). Quantity discounts are available for many products and are listed along with the base price next to the product description. Customers paying by credit card will be charged an additional transactional fee. Furthermore, residents of California will be charged the state's sales tax for all items that are NOT gold, silver or numismatic products as well as gold, silver and numismatic products IF the invoice for these items totals less than $ 1.500.

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Besides ordering online 24/7, customers can also place orders during office hours on weekdays by phone. BGASC has minimum and maximum order amounts depending on whether the order was made online or by phone as well as the customer's selected payment method. They are as follows:

Online Orders Minimum Order Maximum Order
Credit/debit card $0 $15.000
Paper Check $300 $50.000
Bank Wire $2.500 $100.000
Phone Orders Minimum Order Maximum Order
Credit/debit card $250 $15.000
Paper Check $300 $50.000
Bank Wire $2.500 no maximum

Modifications of existing orders are not accepted by the gold dealer BGASC. Customers may cancel their order within 24 hours after ordering but will have to pay a $35 cancellation fee plus possible market loss fees (if the market value of the purchased products has since dropped).


Customers can pay by paper check, bank wire as well as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit and debit cards. Payment by check includes money orders, cashier's checks and BillPay checks besides personal paper checks. Even when paying by paper check or bank wire, customers have to give their credit/debit card number when ordering. The card number will be used for identification purposes and to protect BGASC from a possible market loss.


Shipping is free for orders of $250 or more. All shipments will be sent out fully insured by Lloyd's of London (until signed for upon delivery) in secure and discreet packaging. BGASC currently only ships to USA addresses (including APO, FPO and postal boxes). Shipments to a United States Postal Service P.O. Box will be shipped via United States Postal Service (USPS). Shipments to mail drop locations or 3rd party private postal boxes such as The UPS Store or Mailboxes etc. are only possible for orders paid by bank wire. BGASC will ship most orders via the United States Postal Service (First Class Mail, Priority Mail or Express Mail depending on value and weight) but some items may be shipped by UPS or FedEx (depending on the delivery address). At the time of delivery, a signature and photo I.D. will be required in almost all cases to take over possession of the shipped package.

Buy Gold And Silver Coins
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