Commemorative Chinese Panda coins 2017

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Issuing a commemorative coin to mark a certain coin’s mintage anniversary is a good way to get some publicity for a mint and to earn some extra income. So it is no surprise that that’s exactly what the China Mint did to mark the 35th anniversary of its popular Chinese Panda coins. The coins that ... Continue reading

The Gold Spot Price

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One of the special terms that you will hear often when you begin to research gold investments is the “gold spot price”. This short article will attempt to clear up any confusion about what the gold spot price is and how it is determined. There are basically two types of precious metal deals. One type ... Continue reading

Precious Metal Bars – cast or minted bars?

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After browsing the online inventory of many precious metal dealers, you may have noticed that precious metal bars are often categorized by the way in which they are made. There are two ways to manufacture such bars, casting and minting, and the finished precious metal products are referred to as cast bars and minted bars. ... Continue reading

Divisible Gold Bars

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As I mentioned before in previous articles, one of the main benefits of buying smaller quantities of gold is to have something valuable, tangible and portable to barter with for the time of the coming financial meltdown. The two private mints PAMP Suisse and Valcambi Suisse have each created their own type of divisible gold ... Continue reading

Gold Bars with Artistic Designs

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When you think of designer products, it’s usually things like handbags or various items of fashion wear that will come to mind. When people think of gold bars on the other hand, they usually have the image of a large brick-shaped bar without any adornments in mind. These large bars that you often see in ... Continue reading

Silver – the perhaps best reason to buy it

June 13, 2017 by Buy-Gold - No Comments

Many precious metals investors neglect silver, perhaps because of its relative abundance and therefore much lower price. There are however several good reasons not to overlook that cheaper shiny metal that has attracted buyers for millennia already. The famous investor Warren Buffett once purchased 129.7 million ounces of it for his holding company Berkshire Hathaway. ... Continue reading

new Queen’s Beasts gold coins

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It is quite rare for a new bullion coin series to be released. It is even rarer for the coins of this new series to come out in rapid fire succession. Most of the government mints that run a major gold bullion coin series like the Chinese Gold Pandas or the Australian Gold Kangaroos bring ... Continue reading

Why buy historic gold coins?

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As physical gold can be bought in the shape of gold coins (contemporary gold bullion coins or historic gold coins that are no longer minted), gold rounds or gold bars, gold buyers will generally decide at one point which of these options they should focus on. There are advantages and disadvantages associated with all three ... Continue reading

Why buy Palladium?

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The last blog article focused on why you should buy platinum. This article will be another precious metal that actually has many things in common with platinum. That metal is palladium. It is silver white in color and known for its high density. “Why buy palladium?” is the question that I will attempt to answer ... Continue reading

Why buy Platinum?

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When reading articles online that deal with investing in precious metals, almost all of them focus on gold and/or silver. However, most precious metals dealers online also offer platinum and palladium bullion products, yet few investors are well informed about investing in these metals. This month, Buy-Gold.Link will publish two articles that will deal with ... Continue reading