The South African Kruger Pond gold coin

Whereas the South African Gold Krugerrands are known throughout the world, few precious metal investors are aware of the fact that other rare gold coins also bear the likeness of Paul Kruger on their obverse. Even in South Africa, these coins aren’t that well known anymore today. The coin that I’m referring to is known … Continue reading “The South African Kruger Pond gold coin”

Commemorative Chinese Panda coins 2017

Issuing a commemorative coin to mark a certain coin’s mintage anniversary is a good way to get some publicity for a mint and to earn some extra income. So it is no surprise that that’s exactly what the China Mint did to mark the 35th anniversary of its popular Chinese Panda coins. The coins that … Continue reading “Commemorative Chinese Panda coins 2017”

Precious Metal Bars – cast or minted bars?

After browsing the online inventory of many precious metal dealers, you may have noticed that precious metal bars are often categorized by the way in which they are made. There are two ways to manufacture such bars, casting and minting, and the finished precious metal products are referred to as cast bars and minted bars. … Continue reading “Precious Metal Bars – cast or minted bars?”

Silver – the perhaps best reason to buy it

Many precious metals investors neglect silver, perhaps because of its relative abundance and therefore much lower price. There are however several good reasons not to overlook that cheaper shiny metal that has attracted buyers for millennia already. The famous investor Warren Buffett once purchased 129.7 million ounces of it for his holding company Berkshire Hathaway. … Continue reading “Silver – the perhaps best reason to buy it”